Telemark Skiing Information & Links

Get involved in the worldwide free heeler community and learn telemark skiing technique tips, learn about telemarking history, and see pictures and videos of telemarking the backcountry!

Telemark Tips is a tremendous resource of information with an introduction to telemark skiing and a telemark skiing forum to get to know telemark skiers around the world.

The United States Telemark Ski Association site is a great place to keep up with USA telemark events.

The North American Telemark Organization Festival is a weekend packed with telemark events, classes, seminars and parties.

Telemark Skiing in the UK

Telemark Skiing in Australia

Telemark Skiing Photos on Facebook

Telemark Beginning Instructional Video

Telemark Skiing History - from before Sondre Norheim's introduction of the telemark turn technique to the world in 1868 to the present day.

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